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My main goal in opening this store was to carry products that I use, that are of highest quality and are affordable. Badger Airbrushes fit all those requirements! Some might be dissuaded by the low price of Badger Airbrushes. I know I was at first. I had an ultra high expensive Iwata CM-B and I looked down on other brands of airbrushes. That was due to my own ignorance. After using my Iwata and having an expensive part break again: I knew I had to find a different solution.

I personally spoke with Ken, president of Badger and I explained to him my concerns. He told me to give his product a try and if I didn't like it I could return it. I haven't looked back ever since. I personally own two Badger Patriot 105's two Badger Sotar's and one Badger Krome.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with Badger Airbrushes. I highly recommend purchasing them and most important I highly recommend giving yourself enough time to develop new skills. I tell my friends and students when using an airbrush, allow yourself to fail! Take a crappy vehicle or terrain piece and just start painting. Take away any stress or performance anxiety and just have fun. I promise you in time if you practice you will succeed!

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