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I first heard about Secret Weapon washes when I started watching Lester Bursley's Youtube videos. I saw that he used them a lot and I knew this was a product that I had to get my hands on.

Over time my technique with working with these washes has definitely evolved.

At first I used the product as a wash and what I mean by that is filling my brush with the "wash" from the dropper and slapping it all over the figure. Then I started using the washes as the paint itself. Applying thin layers of the "wash" to the figure. In my opinion the washes provide excellent translucency and are just perfect the for "layering" technique. Then I started using them in my airbrush, applying this coats of wash over the figure which creates a nice glaze and can tie colors together.

Now most of the time I use Secret Weapon washes straight out of the dropper for painting on layers and I also mix the washes with my main colors. This makes a nice transition color between dark to medium to light.

The wash I use most for shadows and mixing with my base color is the Blue Black wash.

Here are just some of the Secret Weapon washes I own:

Here is a shot of what the Secret Weapon Blue Black wash looks like:

If you want to learn more about the Glazing Technique, I suggest you take a look at James Wappels Glazing Away Video.

These are great products that you need to try. I promise you you will be very happy with these and see immediate results in your painting. ~Tim Spakowski
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Our Price: $2.25
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