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James Wappel's The Painting Pyramid
Are you wanting to learn how to be a better miniature painter? Are you wanting to learn how to paint NMM, OSL, Object Source Lighting? Are you wanting to learn how to paint flesh,armor,fur, cloaks and weapons? If so you have come to the right place.
My goal in opening this store was to be a source where gamers and miniature painters could go to better themselves. I wanted to offer the best tips and tricks when painting a miniature or a wargame terrain piece. I wanted to be a resource where people could go to learn how to learn glazing, how to make their miniatures bases appear better and most important how to overcome any fears and obstacles when it comes to airbrushing.

I offer to you some of the best miniature painting classes and reference material that is out there. Be it a video from award wining painter James Wappel, or step by step book or DVD. I also love helping others in bettering themselves and I am always open to share and or lend a hand when it comes to painting or building miniature wargame related items.

I love talking shop and learning about new painting techniques. If you ever have any questions please email me at

James Wappel's The Painting Pyramid
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