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28mm Jesus Evil Green Statue 28mm Modern Contraband 28mm Mexican Cartel
28mm Modern Contraband
Our Price: $5.00

Jesus Evilgreen: Narcos Saint.

Found in many homes in Mexico, this statue is perfect for shrines and may add bonuses to your Sicario's ability to protect their Jefe.

This set comes with two miniatures. A stack of dollars and a stack of nefarious products!

This set is designed to fit in our vehicles.

This vehicle is not included in this set.

Four 28mm Mexican Cartel figures.

28mm CIA Juarez Operators 28mm Modern Sicarios 1 28mm Modern Sicarios 2
28mm CIA Juarez Operators
Our Price: $23.00
28mm Modern Sicarios 1
Our Price: $28.00
28mm Modern Sicarios 2
Our Price: $28.00
Six 28mm CIA Operators that can be used for Juarez operations and beyond.

Footsore Modern Presents: Sicarios.

Footsore Modern Presents: Sicarios.