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28mm  Large Heater shields pack 28mm Heater shields pack 28mm Smooth Kite shields pack
28mm Duke William of Normandy 28mm Turstin fitz Rolf 28mm Bishop Odo of Bayeux
28mm Turstin fitz Rolf
Our Price: $7.50
28mm Norman Warlord and Bannerman foot 28mm  Armoured Norman Infantry 1 28mm  Armoured Norman Infantry 2
28mm  Unarmoured Norman Infantry 1 28mm  Unarmoured Norman Infantry 2 28mm  Norman Archers 1
28mm Norman Archers 1
Our Price: $8.50
28mm  Norman Archers 2 28mm  Norman Armoured Crossbowmen 28mm  Norman Crossbowmen 1
28mm Norman Archers 2
Our Price: $8.50
28mm  Norman Crossbowmen 2 (Helmets) 28mm  Mounted Norman Warlord and Bannerman 28mm  Armoured Norman Command
28mm  Norman Archer Command 28mm  Norman Heavy Cavalrymen 1 28mm  Norman Heavy Cavalrymen 2
28mm  Breton Cavalrymen thrusting overarm 28mm Breton Cavalrymen thrusting underarm 28mm Norman Cavalrymen couched lance arms
28mm Norman Cavalrymen thrusting overarm 28mm  Breton Cavalrymen Command