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If you are looking for top quality tabletop and wargame miniatures you have come to the right place. If you want super detailed miniatures that will blow the minds of your friends and fellow gamers... you've also come to the right place. Kings Hobbies and Games carries lots of awesome, well detailed, historical and sci/fi and fantasy miniatures. Whether you want to purchase a squad worth of miniatures, an entire army of miniatures or a single collectible figure for display, you cant go wrong with purchasing them from Kings Hobbies and Games.

Historical Miniatures: These Historical Miniatures are among the best out there. They are highly detailed and represent the uniform with historical accuracy. Some historical miniatures you will find here are, Elhiem Miniatures,Perry Brothers Miniatures,Warlord Miniatures,Wargames Factory Miniatures and much more.

SCI/FI Fantasy: These SCI/FI Fantasy are the hottest and awesome looking miniatures available. You will find HALO space game from Spartan Miniatures, Star Wars X-Wing, Kings of War miniatures, Reaper, Scale75 just to name a few.