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James Wappel is a true artist. Just speaking with him and getting a sense of who he is, you can feel how gifted he is. Simply, he is an awesome painter.

In my opinion, having James Wappel's painting videos at my store is one of the best items that I offer. I personally have gained a lot of knowledge from watching his videos. I am blown away by his technique. On many occasions I just shook my head while watching these videos and wondered why I never thought of how to paint his way.

I know these videos will help encourage you, and give you the tools to progress to the next level of painting. I highly recommend these videos and I stand by them. ~Tim Spakowski.

These classes are a series of "How to" miniature painting video's demonstrating a variety of techniques that will take your painting to the next level!

Each Video is about 100 minutes long.

For a preview of the videos go to :

James Wappel Youtube Channel

Each video will come to you on a USB Thumb drive. We offer combinations of videos that can be placed on the Thumb Drive. You can custom order your USB thumb drive or pick a package that has already been created.

The price structure is as follows:

1 video =$20

2 videos =$35

5 videos = $85

10 videos = $166

15 videos = $240

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James Wappel's Shaded Basecoat Video James Wappel's Non Metallic Metals James Wappel's Freehand Design
James Wappel's Object Source Lighting James Wappel's Glazing Away James Wappels Painting Copper Non Metalic Metals
James Wappel's Gold Non Metal Metalics James Wappel's Sky Earth Non Metal Metalics Snow Bases by James Wappel
Forest Bases by James Wappel James Wappel's Marble, Tiles and Cobblestones James Wappel's Wood planks, Barrels and Chests
James Wappel's More Sci Fi Bases! James Wappel's Fleshtones: Dark Elf James Wappel's Fleshtones: Purple (Demonette)
James Wappel's Orc/Goblin Fleshtones James Wappel's Fleshtones: Very Dark (Drow) James Wappel's Fleshtones: Light
James Wappel's Fleshtones: Ruddy James Wappel's Painting with Pigments James Wappel Painting Blues
James Wappel Painting Greens James Wappel Yellow Alert!  Painting Yellows James Wappel's Raging Reds.  Painting Red Video
James Wappel's Shades of Grey James Wappel's Watch your Step! Painting Lava James Wappel's Never Cry Wolf: Painting Fur
James Wappel's Hows the Weather? Weathering and Battle Damage Foundation Package for The Painting Pyramid by James Wappel. Package of all five color videos by James Wappel