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28mm European Civilians 28mm Modern DNR 28mm Modern Ukraine SVU
28mm European Civilians
Our Price: $30.00
28mm Modern DNR
Our Price: $40.00
28mm Modern Ukraine SVU
Our Price: $40.00
This is a set of 10 miniatures casted in Resin.  This set can be used in World War 2 games all the way to Modern gaming in places such as Checnhenya and the Ukraine. This is for a set of 10 miniatures representing the DNR.

The "Donetsk People's Republic" (DNR) is the Russian backed forces clashing with Ukraine forces and rebel groups.
This is a set of 10 metal figures representing the Ukrainian SVU.  The SVU are the Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine and fought against the DNR in the Donbass region.