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28mm Modern DNR 28mm Modern Ukraine SVU 28mm European Civilians
28mm Modern DNR
Our Price: $40.00
28mm Modern Ukraine SVU
Our Price: $40.00
28mm European Civilians
Our Price: $45.00
This is for a set of 10 miniatures representing the DNR.

The "Donetsk People's Republic" (DNR) is the Russian backed forces clashing with Ukraine forces and rebel groups.
This is a set of 10 metal figures representing the Ukrainian SVU.  The SVU are the Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine and fought against the DNR in the Donbass region. This is a set of 10 miniatures casted in Resin.  This set can be used in World War 2 games all the way to Modern gaming in places such as Checnhenya and the Ukraine.